VISTA Social Touring Guide

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VISTA Social Touring App

User Guide

VISTA Touring App is the application of the National Archaeological Museum of Altamura, which allows you to improve the visit to the museum.

The guide contains all the information relating to the museum heritage, as multimedia content; these contents can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere by downloading the VISTA TOURING APP from the relevant stores. Using the app inside the museum gives you the possibility to receive, directly on your phone, content notifications relating to various exhibits, when you are near them.

First Startup

1) Allow access to the location when the App is in use.
This allows to calculate routes to the points of interest located on the territory.

Contents Download

Download the Museum guide by selecting one or more languages

Content Access

At the end, press the “Done” button to access the contents of the Museum.

Home page

is the access point to the contents, to proceed click on the white arrow.


it is possible to access the contents divided into four sections: Historical Eras (contains the list of archaeological finds divided per Historical era ), Internal Itineraries (contains thematic itineraries with maps on which points of interest are indicated), Permanent exhibitions, Information (contains general information on the Museum) .

Historical Periods

in Historical Periods it is possible to access the multimedia contents that describe the individual finds, these cards open automatically in the vicinity of their relative Beacons.

Multimedia Card

A media card contains text, images, videos, and hyperlinks. It presents an analytical description of the object; A speech synthesis is available for automatic reading of the content.


The itineraries are thematic itineraries created ad hoc by the Museum and represented by a map on which the points of interest are indicated, by clicking on each point you access the relative content sheet.


The Information section allows you to view a general description of the National Archaeological Museum of Altamura, its contact details, and directions on how to reach it.

Map function

This function allows you to view on the map all the points of interest outside the museum (as well as the museum itself); in this way it will be possible to plan a visit itinerary.