Virtual and Social heritage Tour Application during ordinary hours 11.00-13.00 for schools

The presentation event will be held at the National Archaeological Museum of Altamura, in via Santeramo 88.


Among the means made available by the ICT sector, one of the most effective solutions in communicating environmental and cultural resources is the virtual reproduction and use of scenes and sites through Virtual tour, technology with considerable social value – think also of the possibility of enrich didactic activities and applications for disabled users as reported in the article published in the online newspaper “la” 1 “we describe everything, even the door measurements, the height of the table, the services offered, using photos, videos and virtual tours. We do not want to leave room for doubt »with reference to the portal with information on tourist services for the disabled ( Sometimes the term “Virtual tour” identifies multimedia products containing descriptions, floor plans and photo and video galleries or even just videos (Fig. 1.1); the Virtual tour, on the other hand, consists of one or more “immersive photos” – photographic reconstructions of a scene that the user – virtually located at its center – can explore (with the aid of the mouse) in all directions, also performing enlargement and reduction; the sensation experienced is comparable to the normal experience of “looking around” within a specific place.

In the “Virtual” meaning of the tour of an artistic and cultural asset, the characteristic of “Social” is also possible, that is a set of technical aspects that allow an experience of use of museum contents that is creative before being innovative and above all take into account the different ways of accessing them, then consider the specific needs of users with specific disabilities.

The objective of the “ViSTA – Virtual and Social heritage Tour Application” project, financed by the Puglia Region through the Innolabs measure – Support for the generation of innovative solutions to specific problems of social relevance, is that of development, development and experimentation , on a site managed by the Polo Museale of Puglia and identified in the National Archaeological Museum of Altamura, of an integrated technological system for virtual and social touring of the artistic and cultural heritage.

The project will be developed with the Living Labs approach, which provides for the involvement of the community of users, not only as subjects observed, but also as a source of creation, no longer just at the center of innovation, but rather real “drivers “Of the change.